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San Antonio jobs

San Antonio jobs are varied, and thanks to a low unemployment rate of 3.5 percent, which is lower than the national unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, they are plentiful. The robust economy leads solid job growth, with more expected in future.

San Antonio Jobs by Industry

Currently, the majority of the available San Antonio jobs fall into the office and administration category, with a 17.7 percent share. At 10.9 percent, the sales industry is the next most common segment. These two segments are beneficial to the economy because they are made up of numerous entry-level positions that do not require higher levels of education and provide their own on-the-job training.

San Antonio can also be divided into industry clusters, and these include advanced manufacturing, financial services, new energy, healthcare, information technology, aviation and military/defense. Advanced manufacturing has an economic impact of more than $20 billion, and pays 11 percent more than the national average salary for this industry.

The financial services industry includes banking, insurance, mortgage and accounting. Wells Fargo, Capital One, and American Funds are all large employers located in the city.

In the new energy industry, CPS Energy is the largest employer. This company is a combined gas and electric company that is one of the largest in the country. Jobs available here include analysts, technicians and engineers.

Within the healthcare industry, there is currently a high demand for registered nurses, home care aides and lab technicians.

Information technology jobs are widely available inAntonio, as there are 34,000 IT professionals, with cybersecurity being a key driver. Five of the top 500 cybersecurity companies in the world are based there.

In the past 25 years, the aerospace and aviation industry has grown by over 400 percent in the San Antonio area, with more than 13,000 aerospace and aviation employees being employed in the area. This growth is expected to continue, creating even more jobs. The defense and military industry is also significant due to the Joint Base San Antonio. Made of up four stations, this base offers huge employment opportunities.

Ultimately, San Antonio's job growth closely matches its population growth, resulting in a steady availability of jobs. With a median salary of $56,900, the city offers a wide range of opportunities.

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